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Daily Dose

Tiana Chan | sOCal | '97
Jun 13 '12

When someone lies to your face, and you already know the truth. Haha, nice try, bitch. ;)

Jun 11 '12

Just got to get through with this week, and then summer vacation arrives. Oh yess. Less go, babyy :)

Jun 11 '12

It’s nice that we’re talking again. I’m really happy of how things kind of got back on track. Honestly though, I’m kind of scared. I feel like I can’t fully trust you after what happened. After that whole incident, I somewhat see you as a different person. Don’t get me wrong, I still love you because you been there for me through all my bullshit problems, and you were always there to listen to me ramble on and on. You always knew when something was up. But, you seem kind of different, maybe it’s just me. I guess I just need more time until I can fully trust you again.Things will get better as time passes by.

Jun 11 '12

itsjp-deactivated20130626 asked:

Tell me when you're gonna be working and stuff so we can hang out on the days you're free yayyyy

mkay, but I don’t think I’ll be working much cos I could only work a certain amount of hours

Jun 11 '12

itsjp-deactivated20130626 asked:

Dude... Let's have photoshoots!! Yayayyayay~

Ok, but I am not dressing up all fancy…

Jun 11 '12

Today, I realized that I really want to learn to drive already. I need to start studying for my permit. Time to stop being lazy and actually do something..

Jun 9 '12


waiting to watch Pacquiao vs Bradley fight. so excited :)

May 31 '12

It sucks that I quit Cheer, and I’m really bummed out about it. I just made the choice that I thought would benefit me more. I mean, I would rather work and get money so I wont have to keep asking my parents for some. Oh wells…I still have 2 more years if I want to tryout again. 

May 25 '12

yayay, makeup came today. <3

May 23 '12


Testing are over for now, thank goodness. I should enjoy the break while it lasts… Finals are coming up in a few weeks. Oh wells, just another month until Summer arrives. :)